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Offense 1
Offense 2
Offense 3
Offensive Language
1 day Mute
3 days Mute + Jail
7 days Mute + Jail
Impersonating Staff
Permanent Ban
Multi-Client during events (FT, etc)
Up to GM’s decision including Permanent Ban
Advertising other servers or websites
Permanent Ban + IP/PC Ban
Selling items/accounts/Knight Cash for real currency in-game or on Forum
Warning + 3 days Mute
Permanent Ban to all accounts that belongs to seller.
NPT or Bug Abusing to gain NP
Reduce NP to 1000 + 3 days Ban
Reduce NP to 1000 + 7 days Ban
Permanent Ban
Bug Abusing – Glitching or Editing the client for personal gain or team advantage
Up to GM’s decision including Permanent Ban
Payment Fraud
Permanent Ban
Use of 3rd Party Tools
Permanent Ban
Use of Macros (Gaming Mouse/Keyboard Software; X7, Razer, Logitech, etc.)
ALLOWED - NO Punishment
Editing game files (TBL)
Permanent Ban
Disrespecting or Spamming Staff Members
Up to GM’s decision including ban/mute
Shared or purchased accounts
Receive NO support and could lead to permanent ban
Lying about items or trying to be fraudulent about items to make a gain.
Up to GM’s decision including Permanent Ban
* Epic MyKO Team has the right to ban anyone who willingly violates the rules.

* Epic MyKO Team has every right at any time, without notice, to change these rules, so check this page often.

Special thank you to Osmanx, twostars and nikos32 for everything!

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